Numbers and statistics are the perfect motivators for your sales team. LogixOne CRM bridges the gap between expected and actual performance of your company and provides a clear understanding of current and future potential. This helps your company meet ever-changing industry standards and trends and keeps you performing at desirable levels even on a rainy day.


With LogixOne CRM, you can construct dashboards with custom views of pending, ongoing, and achieved target within your organization. This allows you to assess how a product or team is performing by creating forecasts based on demographics or organizational charts. Based on the cumulative data gathered from your forecasts, you can set realistic goals for your teams and challenge them to become ambitious star performers.

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Territory Management

LogixOne CRM allows you to compartmentalize customers based on geography, demography, products or any other useful criteria according to the trends of your industry to help your sales team gain valuable insights. Once a contact is associated to an account, configure rules based on country, state, district, or product lines to create a territory that auto-populates when you add new contacts that match your rules. This process allows you to maintain laser focus on territories and customers that can go on to be most beneficial for you in the long run.

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What makes a good game is the shiny prize that motivates the players to hit the ground running. Incentivize tasks and targets to empower your sales team to chase more deals. From quick follow-ups, lead conversions, and note-taking, every task can be rewarded with simple but desirable badges or points. LogixOne CRM gives the power to managers and team leaders to set the stage, communicate the rules and witness their team members participate in what is essentially a fun and clever way to double your sales and revenue.

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