Comprehensive analytics that assist you in making well-informed business decision is pivotal for any modern day company. LogixOne CRM provides lead analytics, activity stats, insights and more that can help you keep a keen eye on your sales cycle. Making data-driven decisions using charts, KPIs, target meters and customizable reports on a customized dashboard is entirely covered by our powerful CRM platform.

Customizable Reports

To manage efficiently you must first be able to measure accurately. With LogixOne CRM, quantify your business processes with intelligent reporting tools that analyze and dissect key metrics relating to your sales trends, marketing campaigns, team performance, and more.


Visual representation of important information goes a long way in improving insights and subsequent actions. LogixOne CRM provides several visual analytics such as pie charts and heat maps that change toe way you view your everyday sales metrics. Simplify the hassle of analyzing verbose data with engaging visual representation of your CRM data. With a range of chart styles to choose from, LogixOne’s CRM Analytics provides a breath of fresh air to your reporting activities.


LogixOne CRM’s KPIs uses powerful tolls such as scorecard, dashboards and growth indices reports to give you a well-rounded picture of your sales figures, both the strong and weak ones. This helps your team detect and prioritize areas that need improvement which can be converted into a strong performing entities.