Building a sales process on a solid foundation of your most effective sales strategies provides your company with a clear and consistent pathway to success. From lead creation to deal closure and everything in between, LogixOne CRM can capture your company’s sales process and make sure everyone in your team adheres to it.

Assignment Rules

Your leads can often come from various channels and sources depending on the industry you’re in — websites, adwords, seminars, trade shows and marketing campaigns. LogixOne CRM helps you filter through your leads based on various parameters like lead score, geographic details and source and assign them to the right sales rep so to capitalize on them before they slip out of your hands.

Escalation Rules

If cases aren’t being resolved fast enough, LogixOne CRM automatically escalates them to the relevant employees and shifts their focus on the overdue cases. Set out a simple set of rules based on various parameters like priority, case name, or the time at which it was created to assure swift actions and efficient case management practices in your company.

Review Process

The prowess of your sales team depends on the quality of data they get from your CRM platform. Inaccuracy and misinformation can hinder a sales rep’s chances of identifying and closing a deal. LogixOne CRM helps your organization curate a review process where an employee or a team can filter incoming information before approving or rejecting it. They can also add comments, remarks and reasons for approving or rejecting to ensure complete transparency within the inner workings of your sales team’s operations.