What makes a good game is the shiny prize that motivates the players to hit the ground running. Incentivize tasks and targets to empower your sales team to chase more deals. From quick follow-ups, lead conversions, and note-taking, every task can be rewarded with simple but desirable badges or points. LogixOne CRM gives the power to managers and team leaders to set the stage, communicate the rules and witness their team members participate in what is essentially a fun and clever way to double your sales and revenue.

Throw quotas to the curb

Earn badges and trophies for daily activities, such as quick follow-ups, converting leads, and closing deals. The more games you win, the more trophies you collect, and the more sales you make.

Managers are out,

games are in

Sales representatives don’t have to wait for their manager’s approval to initiate a game. They can pick who they want to compete with or they can play in teams. Start a game with a newbie to get them warmed up to the team, or have a showdown among different sales regions. Managers have nothing to worry about because the games encourage everyone to perform their best.

Track wins and stay on top of the game

Knowing the score is important to anyone playing a game. Every time a lead is converted or a deal is signed, the sales representative is closer to winning a trophy or a badge. Pop-up notifications keep them informed about their progress so they know how near or far they are from their goal.