LogixOne CRM efficiently automates your marketing campaigns so your marketing team can communicate potential leads to your sales team. With powerful marketing automation tools in your hands, the ROI will match your relentless efforts on campaigns and make every penny count. Furthermore, LogixOne CRM provides tools to conduct accurate market segmentation of customers according to demographics, lead source, responsiveness and more – allowing you to target the right customers and convert them to loyalists.

Customer Segmentation

Common knowledge in the marketing stratosphere is that every customer has different needs, wants and desires and it takes unique skills to dissect that and approach them with your products and services. LogixOne CRM provides tools that allow you segment customers based on their demographic details, requirements, lead source and overall responsiveness to your efforts. With segmentation, you can curate and deliver marketing campaigns that are tailor-made for your audience and earn their trust and loyalty.

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Lead Nurturing

It’s unrealistic to expect your leads to be ready to pull out their wallets from the get-go —it takes convincing and nurturing skills from your sales rep to build their interest so that they can make a purchase. LogixOne CRM assists in making sure you assist your lead at every stage of their customer journey and provide the necessary information to nurture them towards making an informed decision. LogixOne CRM automates this entire hustle so you can build lasting relationships.

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Marketing Analysis

Whether you’re showing at a trade show, promoting on media channels or hosting a customer conference, you need a platform that helps your marketing professionals sketch out the marketing strategies and plans that your team can refer to. LogixOne CRM provides marketing analysis tools through which you can set budgets, assign ownership, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns with ease so your employees can spend more energy on idea generation and execution.